Lun-11 2G/3G/4G

"Lun-11" in an intrusion alarm control panel. Designed for 24hour protection of sites of any complexity. Supports various channels for alarm transmition. Ability to work with wireless sensors and to control iOS/Android app.

"Lun-11" technical details:

  • Work with 2G, 3G, 4G (mod.9) networks (for 2 sim-cards);
  • The possibility of adding  zone expansion modules "Lun-11E", "Lun-11H" and addressable   modules "AM-11";
  • Flexible division into groups (each zone separately assigned to each of the sixteen groups);
  • Wireless control from an iOS/Android device(arm / disarm, mobile alarm button, the device status arming mode "stay at home");
  • Support upto  48 wireless sensors (Visonic, Crow, Jablotron);
  • 2 built-in slots for sim-cards;
  • Individual testing of each channel of communication with the monitoring station;
  • Using encrypted protocol via GPRS;
  • Configuration is password protected;
  • Wired zones - 8;
  • The maximum number of hardwired zones - 144;
  • The number of controllable outputs - 4;
  • The number of connected bells - 1;
  • The number of tampers - 1;
  • Built-in battery controller;
  • Control the availability of the siren;
  • Zone types: Interior, 24-hour, delayed, intrusion, arming, "stay" general alarm, fire;
  • Types of zones: normally open, EOL zones;
  • The number of groups - 16;
  • The number of user of electronic keys in each group - 16;
  • The number of passwords in each group - 16 user + password;
  • The number of user mobile numbers in each group - 7;
  • The number of connected expansion modules (Lun-11E and / or Lun-11H) - 12;
  • The number of connected keypads (Lind-11, Lind-11LED, Lind-9M) - 16;
  • The number of connected readers of Touchmemory keys (Lind-11TM) - 24;
  • Support of alarm videoverification module - "Dozor";
  • Memory for 128 events;


3 years warranty. Free 24/7 technical support


Lun-11 Assembly guide
Lun-11 Stanalone mode via WEB
Lun-11 Stanalone mode
Lun-11 Stanalone mode via SMS
Lun-11 Stanalone mode
Lun-11 mod3,4 Operating Manual - Lun-11_mod3,4_OM_rev_32_en.pdf (3.87 Mb)
updated: 2021-06-22
Step by Step guide - Step-by-Step-guide.pdf (5.93 Mb)
updated: 2018-01-07
Lun-11 mod5,6 Operating Manual - Lun-11_mod5,6_OM_rev_21_en.pdf (3.84 Mb)
updated: 2021-06-22
Lun-11 mounting at B004 housing - Lun-11 mounting at B004 housing_en_rev_03.pdf (3.93 Mb)
updated: 2018-07-26
Lun-11 mod9 Operating Manual - Lun-11_mod9_OM_rev_01_en.pdf (4.09 Mb)
updated: 2023-05-18