Lun-11 Update

We are proud to present new update to the lun-11

New features:

- Bypass zones are now controlled by the user's password (before - the administrator password). The password number used for bypassing is transmitted to the monitoring station for user identification
- Turning the siren on by pressing the panic button on the keypad (configurable parameter)
- Support for the "door chime" function in the entire range of addresses of keyboards

- SMS notification for changing a zones bypass by the user and entering / exiting the fire subsystem
- Support of the wireless system "Rielta-RKI New" (devices are made on red PCB boards)

- Duplicate of a siren sound on keyboards
- Remote zone bypass  and  zone bypass status in the report

- The ability to edit your own  user password from the keypad
- Time  synchronization from SNTP server via WiFi
- Added calling notification in the CMS operation mode ( same as in SMS mode)

- The "Stay at home" mode when arming  by the user's key (by delayed zone analysis)
- Time  synchronization from SNTP server via GPRS

- Scheduled Arming / Disarming
- Support of Crow wireless siren
- New output type "Disarmed"
- New output type "Remote LED + alarm" in expanders and МРВ-8М

- Access to the configuration by a user password from the Griff group