Lun-25 & Lun-11 Update

We are continuously developing and improving all our hardware and software, to keep up with demands and new standards in security market. Our new update of the control panel firmware adds several new features to them.


  1. Support of the Crow wireless siren
  2. The number of supported wireless zones is increased to 30
  3. Arming / Disarming groups on a schedule in the device, without a monitoring station.
  4. The ability to synchronize time via SNTP protocol for Phoenix-Web and SMS modes (as well as for Arming / Disarming by a schedule)
  5.  SMS messages on switching state of the programmable outputs.


  1. "Stay at home" mode when arming with the TM and EM-Marine user's key (by analysis of the delayed zone)
  2. Time synchronization with SNTP server (regardless of the monitoring station)
  3. Arming / Disarming according to the schedule (regardless of the monitoring station)
  4. Support of the Crow wireless siren
  5. Type of output "Disarmed"
  6. Output type "Remote LED + alarm" in expanders and МРВ-8М