New trend in security: Major parts of customers require just a small amount of security zones.

Due to this change, and to reduce cost of the equipment and installation, we developed Lun-23 security control panel.  This is a reasonably-priced device designed for use in apartments, small offices, shops, and ATMs.  

It has a very compact body while housing a built-in power supply and a battery. In fact, this is an “all in one” device.

It includes:

  • Control Panel
  • GSM communicator
  • Uninterruptable power supply unit
  • Battery
  • Proximity key reader

All of this – in a single unit.

Use of lun-23 allows you to reduce the installation cost and tremendously increases speed of installation. During one working day security engineer is capable to install more systems and connect more objects.

Such a configuration increases the reliability and safety of the object. We also eliminated an ability to disable control panel by cutting the power cable, and now it is impossible to compromise key reader which is usually mounted outside of the protected area.

The device also supports external key readers. In such a setup, all indication features become available: state of zones, power supply, and battery status.

This device allows you to effectively operate in the markets of home and small office security systems. As well as to participate in tenders.