Mobile panic button


The «Mobile Panic Button» can be used as a personal tracker with access to http://gpspla.net, or as a means of personal protection together with the central monitoring station «Orlan». Joint operation is also possible.

As a personal protection instrument, the application transmits an alarm signal from an individual (call for help) and his/her location to «Orlan» CMS specified in the settings. If used as a personal tracker, this application can track the location of your smart phone on http://gpspla.net, its tracks, violation of the set geozones, and build various statistics.

During joint operation the coordinates are automatically transferred to the site as soon as application is launched, and when you press the alarm button, application connects to «Orlan» CMS and transmits a signal for help.

You can find mobile apps here

Mobile Panic Button (Android)_en.pdf Mobile Panic Button (Android) updated: 2017-08-10 525.97 Kb download
Mobile Panic Button App (iOS)_en.pdf Mobile Panic Button App (iOS) updated: 2017-08-10 426.73 Kb download


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