«W11M adapter»

WiFi module for Lun-11 control panel

«W19 Adapter»

WiFi module for Lun-19 control panel

«W25 Adapter»

WiFi module for Lun-25 control panel

A Sensor


Shock and tilt sensor. Adjustable vibration (shock) sensitivity and the alarm generation at an inclination of 5 degrees.

Address module

Compact module connected to the TAN bus.

Adds 3 normally closed security zones, powered by the control panel. Can be installed in the sensor housing, the size of the entire board is only 26x13 mm.



Eight-channel relay output modules MPB-8 are designed to work in conjunction with «Lun-7T» «Lun-7N», «Lun-11» to extend the functionality of fire alarms (to disable or enable ventilation, air conditioners and other equipment, reproduce zone signals and other events to transfer them to third-party communication channels).

The module has the following characteristics:

  • ˆˆnumber of configurable relay outputs - 8;
  • ˆˆcontact groups of relay outputs – one switchable contact group;
  • ˆˆmaximum switching current of relay outputs - 3 A;
  • ˆˆmaximum switching DC voltage - 30 V;
  • ˆˆMaximum switching AC voltage – 60V;
  • ˆˆDC voltage supply - 10.5 -14 V;
ˆˆmaximum length of communication line connected to «Lun-7T», «Lun-7N» «Lun-11» (connection -twisted pair) - 40 m..

Designed for making photo verifications from a protected object.

Photo verification module «Dozor» is connected to «Lun-11», installed into the casing, and supports up to 4 analog camcorders.
Upon given events (set in the configurator) «Lun-11» makes one or more photos from respective cameras with the help of “Dozor”,and transmits to «Orlan” monitoring station via GPRS. «Orlan» can receive pictures either through Internet or through the Orlan-Video. Photos are stored in a database and are available for viewing at any time.

Main characteristics:

  • ˆˆ the number of inputs for analog camcorders- 4;
  • ˆˆ image resolution 360 x 288 or 720 x 576;

ˆˆ images by custom «events» set in the system.

Ethernet communicator.

This device is a «Lun-11» designated communicator which doesn’t have its own zones, outputs or arming instruments. Reduced price.

Brief specifications:

  • ˆˆ Network Ethernet interface;
  • ˆˆ Network connection speed 10 / 100Mbps;

ˆˆ Connected «Lun-11» devices

Telephone communicator

As a receiver, you can use SurGard MLR2, PAKT-2 WT and other devices connected to «Orlan» station. Contact ID is the main protocol of information transmission over a telephone line.

  • ˆˆ works with devices «Lun-7T», «Lun-9T» and «Lun-11»;
  • ˆˆ number of 24-hour zones – 1 (test button to check the connection during installation);
  • ˆˆ supports transmission - only ContactID (DTMF);
  • ˆˆ supports tone and pulse dial modes;

ˆˆ firmware update.

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