«Lun-7T» has a GSM-modem to transmit messages to the monitoring station and an interface to connect network devices «Lun-7H”. «Lun-7T» uses voice and / or GPRS channels to deliver messages to the monitoring station.
It can be used in conjunction with «Lind-9» keypad or «Lind-7» electronic key reader, without remote display and control units - for «panic button» objects.

«Lun-7T» has the following characteristics:

  • ˆ8 configurable zones with EOL resistors;
  • ˆˆreporting to Central monitoring station(CMS) via GPRS and voice channels;
  • ˆˆcontrol over the availability of AC 220 V;
  • ˆˆbattery discharge control;
  • ˆˆarming and disarming with the help of Touch Memory electronic keys (up to 15 pieces) or a code from «Lind-9» keypad;
  • ˆˆBELL output (open collector) for alarm connection with current consumption up to 1 A;
  • ˆˆoptional remote AUX output (open collector) with the carrying capacity of 1 A;
  • ˆˆallows you to perform all the functions of remote control and receive status report on request from CMS;
  • ˆˆability to connect up to 29 «Lun-7H” devices (8-zone extender).

Has an interface for:

  • ˆˆ Relay Output Module MPB-8;
  • ˆˆ Ethernet «LanCom» Communicator;
  • ˆˆ Phone Communicator TK-17


3 years warranty. Free 24/7 technical support

Lun-7T_IM_rev_20_en.pdf Lun-7T Operating Manual updated: 2017-09-01 3.65 Mb download


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