Lun-25 - intrusion and fire alarm control panel that is designed for installation in residential houses, small offices and ATMs. The main application is the protection of apartments.

Supports wireless sensors and / or remote key fobs, by means of individual wireless modules, totally up to 10 wireless sensors. All components, including the display and control unit as well as the siren are concentrated in the small monoblock. The power supply unit and 2A/h 12V lead battery are accommodated within the same housing. The device is designed to operate through a GSM and/or Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi is provided by a separate module), supports up to 2 SIM cards. Other communication channels are not supported.

Lun-25 available in 3 versions:

  • Lun-25 - the device without integrated control and display means, designed for use with Lind-7 / Lind-11TM / antivandal TM keys reader.
  • Lun-25T - a device with integrated TM keys reader and multi-functional LED built in directly on the housing.
  • Lun-25E - a device with integrated RFID EMMarine card reader and multi-functional LED built in directly on the housing.


  • 5 wired zones with the 2KOhm EOL resistor. Zone power management is present.
  • Zone types: interior, 24-hour, delayed, entry/exit, arming, fire, arm stay, general alarm, Interior delayed/Instant, Arming by pulse;
  • 2 groups.
  • 2 programmable open collector outputs, switching current up to 120mA.
  • Power supply output + 12V for sensors and/or external siren with resettable 500 mA fuse .
  • Supported radio systems: Visоniс, Cгоw, Jаblotron;
  • Memory for 128 events
  • Real-time clock.


Panel has 1 open collector type output with switching current up to 200 mA to connect siren, included for all groups under the "OR" scheme. In addition there is a built-in 78 dB sounder, and the ability to install 88 dB sounder into the housing. Siren output monitoring is not supported.


Keys and passwords.

  • The total number of users – 32
  • Users distributed between groups 16/16
  • One user can be assigned to two groups, and he arms and disarms both groups of the device.
  • Each user owns 1 TM or RF key. TM keys / cards of different users can not be duplicated; otherwise the device will perceive them as a user with whom it has the first password match.


Output Types.

  • Siren (works for all "or" groups under the scheme)
  • Group 1 External LED
  • Group 2 External LED
  • General alarm
  • Group 1 Alarm
  • Group 2 Alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Control from CMS (or Phoenix-MK)

Event buffer – 128 events, (non-volatile memory)


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